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Os 91 pumped latest engine setup?
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2007-04-08 18:12:58
I bought the latest OS91 SZ hyper pumped the other day. The one that has the pump on the back plate and large carb with regulator included!.
I wondered if others have this engine and what combination they use.
Like what plug, what fuel, what exhaust.
Also I wonder if you use a fuel filer, which one?
And importantely, what sort of setup of jets would it like best.

I had to close the middle jet completly to get anywhere close to constant mixture and no breaking rich.
Any advice or notes on succesful combinations would be appeciated.

Mine is.
  • OS91 SZ hyper pumped
  • OS 8 plug.
  • Hitori 939 exhaust.
  • Middle jet shut
  • cool power 30.

Si smilie
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Phoenix multiplayer
Ade_Law Ade_Law's icon.
 2007-04-08 07:34:01
the beta version has been released!

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Flying this sunday (tomorrow)
Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-04-07 18:31:36
Contrary to popular belief, it's NOT going to rain or even be windy this Sunday (tomorrow) so, because of the new phenomenon (Sun on Sunday with NO wind) who will be at the field?

Graham smilie
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Hit a century!!
Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-04-06 10:00:42
Hi All
Woooooot I've finally hit a century on my posts but no new titel, I'm still Author smilie smilie

See ya all around

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Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-04-05 19:28:27
Hi Guys,
Just to inform those who were interested in going to Charnmouth fly in, IT'S OFF. I am no longer going to be driving down to the Fly in, everyone's dropping out, so why should I bother taking my car down.

See ya all when i see ya

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Fuel glow plugs and regulators
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-04-04 06:36:03

Just added when you create a model:
  • Glow plug

  • Fuel

  • Regulator.

  • (soon to add in paddles)

    The update page has these too, so you could re visit the models and add the above that you use with it. smilie
    I have added fuel, plug and regulators to the library, but will no doubt have miss many products on the market..
    If there are some missing, just send us a pm and they will be added.
    Just coding the new Analysis pages, so we can all see who uses what, with what, regarding fuel with what engine, using which plug etc.

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Popularity with 90 models entered
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-04-03 07:11:22
I have taken a snap shot of the current top 5 popularity page (supporters) for anyone interested.
Aswell as the analysis pages that all can navigate around, looking up who uses what in what with what, all that info allows me to calculate the following.

So 90 models kindly entered gives this.

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Instant messenger console
Kevinator9 Kevinator9's icon.
 2007-04-02 17:26:57
How do I use this? I am eager to try it. Must I have "buddies" to be able to chat or can anyone chat? Is it only one on one or everyone together? Also does anyone go on this? Post here if you do. I will be on usually around gmt 7:00am.
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New t-rex 600 nitro
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2007-04-01 19:28:21
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Lipos and regulators
Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-04-01 16:48:35
Hi just wondering on peoples views to the fromeco range of lipos and regulators or any make if your not heard of fromeco smilie

thanks smilie
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