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Initial features
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2007-03-23 15:14:42
We have added a "Supporters" package that will grow as time and ideas become available.
Initially we have the following .
  • Video Upload to MHC server

  • Gallery visual upgrade and editor.

  • You can turn Google adsence on or off.

  • User Forum Creation

  • Video top 10 Popularity chart

  • Model Analysis Popularity pages

  • Audable private message allert

The gallery styling will be developed to include b.ground images
We are working on mapping to give you all the clubs, shops and events, with location and distance from any postcode.
Watch for the "supporters" link on the home page. (There now!)

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Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-03-22 09:21:23
OK guys, being ex-army, I like to have everything in place and know timings and everything way before we go so, who want pickiung up where and at what time? bearing in mind that the LAST pick up will be NO LATER than 6:30am.

I also need to know who's taking their heli, I think we have 3 " might be" people, they are Alvin, Alex and Andy. The reason I need to know is so that I can sort out seating arrangements and space.Reference to pick up arrangements, who lives nearest to J23 of the M1? I think it might be Stan but not too sure on that as i'm not sure about this area so, come on guys help me out please.

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Alex Alex's icon.
 2007-03-17 09:35:55
Just a quick one, does not like there will be any flying this weekend smilie
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The state of the world...
Ade_Law Ade_Law's icon.
 2007-03-16 07:52:19
comments please.... this person is a good flier, flies helis and fixed wing pretty well, safe flier and more than capable of out flying the average club flier.

he received this mail Names have been removed.


Good to see you at the field today but I must mention a number of points that I was not happy about.

1 You seem to be flying in your own world with little awareness of anyone else flying on the strip which can be dangerous to say the least,
you just walk up to the flight line , in this instance with an electric glider or a "foamy" flying wing and off you go, on two occasions, if others had not been fairly sharp there would have been an accident.

2 Mobile phones are not permitted on the flight line and there has been several communications on this subject but you chose to ignore this.

3 Whilst there are no rules about Heli flying at Coombes there is a dedicated site at Poling and it was inconsiderate when we had to change sides that you, without any consideration, just put up your heli for around 15 minutes which meant that 18 other fixed wing members were unable to fly, a simple request "is it Ok" would be good manners I feel, or go to Poling where you can fly all day on the clubs dedicated Heli site.

4 There is a simple "peg on " frequency control system which I am sure you are aware of and a peg with no name on has been mentioned to you before , please make sure in the future yours has a full name on it.

In conclusion, whilst I do not in anyway want to appear like the "flying site police" we have over 200 members and I have to try, along with the other members of the committee, to take all members interests and wishes into account as well as consider the overall safety issues which are of paramount importance in conjunction with our insurance policy thro the BMFA.

I did try and catch you before you left but you were chatting with several other guys at the field as you were leaving.

If you find the simple basic rules at the club a real problem I can only suggest that there may be other clubs in the area that are more easy going.



Membership Sec(/Quote)

so he sent this reply

(Quote)I find most of your comments unjust and unfair.

1. When I was flying I was standing on my own as I, along with many other people in the past, feel un-welcome and other members have been very rude in the manor in which they have ignored me. Whilst flying both of my fixed wig models I was well aware of other users and in no way unsafe and stayed well out of everyone's way and I find in insulting that you believe I was, I would like you to explain how I was being dangerous..

2. My apologies as I thought my phone was in the car, I landed as soon as rang and switched it off, we are only human and can all make simple mistakes.

3. I waited patiently for most of the time I was there to fly my heli and took the opportunity to fly when people were getting themselves sorted after the move, I am aware of the fact that I, along with my helis are not welcome at Coombes and your comments just confirms this, which is why I nipped up when I did - at no point did anyone ask me if it was ok for them to fly either. The heli I was flying had a flight time of 8 minutes on a full tank and had fuel left when I landed so whoever was timing was incorrect - again, just another reason to have a go I feel.

4, Hands up again, I lost my peg with my name on, but is really such a big deal to ask "who's got 81" .

In conclusion please tell me how I have been unsafe? I have had passing comments from other members including yourself regarding helis and for some reason, as I said earlier, other site users have been very rude - this is something that I have never experience before and I find it pathetic.

I am clearly not welcome at SRFC so would you please cancel my membership and refund and moneys owed.


XXXXXXX (/Quote)

to which he got the following reply. note the reply is from the chairman not from member sec.

I am sorry to read your comments about feeling un-welcome, I would point out we have many new members each year, most of whom fit in and enjoy our club.
Your actions today have upset some members, myself included. I introduced two new members to our club today, I explained the peg board system to one of them telling him the importance of placing a named peg on the board before removing the club peg. When we went to the board to put our peg on it we found two pegs on the board with no name, both yours.
Later on after telling the same new member the importance of communicating with other flyers when we cross the flight line, intend to land or go onto the strip to retrieve, I was training him when you launched your aircraft without passing the 5 meter safety line and then landed and retrieved, all without any communication to us. This was a very poor example to a new member.
In all I witnessed you breaking six club rules.
We have rules for the safety of all and to protect our site, I expect all members to familiarise themselves with the rules and to comply with them. For this reason I accept your resignation and I will instruct the treasurer to send you a refund of your 2007 SRFC membership fees, we cannot refund your BMFA fees as this has been passed on, you are therefore still a member of the BMFA. Your total refund will be 42.00 I will have this sent as soon as practical.
Your sincerely XXX XXX
SRFC Chairman(/Quote)

quite honestly... im amazed. There is safety and then theres using saftey as an excuse to push somebody out the club. I used to be a member there many years ago. I cant believe the state that club is in now.
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An invitation to fly
Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-03-15 09:53:34
Hi Guys,
Just to let you know that we (as a group) have been invited to go down to Norfolk and fly with the diss and district radio control flyers for a day. A guy I know from using RR (sorry for the bad language Si smilie ) has invited us down to fly with them. There are planks flying at the club but quite a few helis fly there as well. Ther fly on a disused airfield in Diss Norfolk. What do you guys say, Fancy a trip? It will take us less than 2 hours to get there, I used to do that run every weekend to see my sister before she got killed.
So, what so you guys? are you up for it?

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Update, spring 2007 fly in
Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-03-14 20:06:44
Hi Guys,
Now is the time to start arranging pick up times for our little jaunt to Sunny Dorset smilie I would say it's going to take us around 4 hours (with stops) to get there and until I've heared from Simon (he's been there before smilie ) I'm am going to stick to that time. The next question is for for guys to decide. Do you all want picking up at one place where you can leave your cars safely or do you want me to come to your houses at a set time and pick you up? Of course Alvin gets picked up anyway as he has no other way of getting anywhere.
So, it's for you guys to decide. You can phone a friend or ask the audience smilie smilie Maybe I could pick stan up first then go to Alex or Si (not sure who is closer to Stan) So, what do you say, Meeting point or at your houses?

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Alvin and gwyri sedia... thank you
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-03-14 07:08:26
I would like to pass my thanks to both Alvin and Gwyri sedai for taking the time to communicate a bug within Ask the panel.
Both members reported that if you create a thread as a non panel member, you could not add further content to that thread.
Also if you were not a panel member and did not start that thread, you could post in it.

Both were crazy and a serious fault.

After investigation I found that it used to work when it was first coded, but back then, the thread reader page was driven with sessions coming in and not URL's.
Later on, changes had to be made to disregard sessions.
Unfortunately. I missed at that time, that the buttons in Ask the panel were still looking for a session coming in, thus, once removed were acting in the wrong manners.

We have tested this and it appears to now work as was originally intended.
Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience. And thank you again to the two guys who took the time to PM Admin and even phone!.
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New forum listing system
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-03-10 15:33:44
The list on the right (Forums) initially was hand coded in, not dynamic.
We are converting it to a database driven solution, to enable us to link useful information.

We would like to point out the first addition being tested.. You will notice a "T" has appeared to the right of some forums.
By the time you read this, we may have added the "P" also.

T = A new thread within the last hour
T = A new thread within the last 6 hours
T = A new thread within the last 24 hours

P = A new Post within the last hour
P = A new Post within the last 6 hours
P = A new Post within the last 24 hours

So you can now browse the list and see instantly if someone has created a new thread, or post within 24 hours, in three stages, without having to use the "since last" calendar lookup on the left info bar.

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Temp colour changes
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2007-03-10 21:15:13
While in a transition to a new forum listing system, a few forums have had to be tweaked.

Darn database has insisted that when changing some of the data, that it resets the time to then.
So some of the forums show they have brand new content.

Within the hour the red will go, and after 6, will the green etc.
Sozz for the confusion.
I will blame Bill Gates smilie

Well I can try eh smilie smilie

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The trip
Gwyri Sedai Gwyri Sedai's icon.
 2007-03-10 00:31:18
OK, I'm sure we can get something sorted for a trip to sunny Dorset in my car. We currently have 3 people on the list, are there any more wanting to put their name down? I will pick you up so there's no need to arrange a meeting point.

1. Gwyri
2. Si
3. Alvin

There's the first 3 , come on, let's make it a good day out.

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