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Onboard lipo checker. digital and cool
Mattyboy Mattyboy's icon.
 2009-01-04 22:26:28
Diddler in our club came up with this great cool checker on his heli.
Check this out.
It changes it's readings every couple of seconds.
It tells you your first cell's voltage, then the second followed by the total pack voltage. It can clearly be seen during a normal day and is so small it can be installed anywhere.
Here is a pic we took today.
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Trex 700 flybar / rotorhead modification
Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon.
 2009-01-04 22:08:21
I took a picture of my trex 700 rotor head in an attempt to show the bolt / pivot that has been moved, creating and incredible change of accuracy. I can't stress enough just how amazing this mod is. My 700 rolls straight down the boom with no mixing and no elevator input, forward and backwards rolling!.
And it is now accurate where as I personally found it a little hard to tame when requiring smooth manouvers. Now it is a piece of p.. to put exactly where I want.

THANKS TO NOEL CROSS and his years of FAI competition experience, this was his idea, trialed initially on a current FAI pilots trex 700.
So here is the photo. Basically all you do is remove the flybar cradle and drill a new hole further out, so that the mixer arm screws in further from the center of the head, thus when the flybar tilts, there is more input to the main blades.. The red arrow points to the bolt that needs to move out and this shot is after the modificiation.

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Kids programs were fun once
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2008-12-24 21:11:00
Most will have heard of the kids tv program "Rainbow".
Are you of the generation to remember this episode.
This is totally genuine.
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Revmax set up dx7 settings
Diddler Diddler's icon.
 2008-12-19 13:35:45

The Super Simple Set-Up for two seperate head speeds using the aux2 channel

Calibration procedure:

AUX on TJ/RM plugged into = AUX2(channel 7)on Spektrum RX

Get your throttle ATV's as close to 100/100 as possible.

AUX2 ATV's = 100/100

Go to system menu(INPUT SELECT)and set AUX2 = AUX2 (not INH or Gyro) and GEAR = GYRO

(Your Gyro Gain needs to be plugged into CH5 now.)

Norm throttle curves 0%-100%

Throttle stick and trim at low and AUX2 switch up.

Turn on heli and wait for the quick flash of the Yellow LED on the TJ/RM after the Spektrum Rx initializes and then flip AUX2 switch to down position and wait 2 seconds. You will get the flashing green LED indicating calibration mode. Go to high stick(yellow LED) and then back to low stick(green LED again). Flip AUX2 switch back to high and green LED will go out. Calibration done.

Change System Menu(INPUT SELECT): AUX= INH

RATE: +76% (this is just a starting value and you will change it to get desired head speed)
-70% (same with this one)
SW: F-S12

This gives Governor off in normal mode and enabled in ST1 and ST2.
AUX2 switch down (1) slow rpm and up (0) high rpm. (70% and 76% in the example)

If that one is too easy, here's another way:

OPTION 1, Gear channel sets RPM

The throttle connects to THRO channel (1)

The auxiliary connects to GEAR channel (5)

ATV setup [TRVL ADJ]

Setup the throttle servo and linkage as close to +/- 100% ATV as possible.

Select the GEAR channel to +100% and -100%

Hint: You can observe the GEAR range on the [MONIT] screen

Hint: You can use AUX2 if you have the gyro setup to use GEAR, just substitute AUX2 where ever it says "GEAR"

The system is now ready for calibration. Calibration is explained above

The target rotor speed can be calculated using the ATV Calculator

Example 1): 2 speed setup:

Gear ratio = 9.3:1

ATV- = 15%, ATV+ = 53%

GEAR Sw Posn Rotor RPM

down .................................1200

up ..................................1500

Example 2): 1 speed setup and disable:

Gear ratio = 9.3:1

ATV- = 0%, ATV+ = 53%

GEAR Sw Posn Rotor RPM

down ..................................Disabled

up ........................................1500

Example 3): Flight Mode Mixing:

Set the throttle curves in Flight modes 1 and 2 above the throttle priority level.

Set the GEAR switch to the down position

Set the GEAR ATV [TRVL ADJ] to -0%

Set the GEAR switch to the up position

Set the GEAR ATV [TRVL ADJ] to +100%

[PROG.Mix3] - This mix disables the Governor in flight mode 'N'




SW: ON, Offset 0

[PROG.Mix2] - This mix sets the target rpm to 1200rpm (15%) in flight mode '1'




SW: F-S12

[PROG.Mix1] - This mix sets the target rpm to 1500 (53% - 15% see note below) in flight mode '2'




SW: F-2

Note: The Mix1 rate is 53 (1500rpm) - 15 (1200rpm) = 38%

GEAR Sw Posn Flight Mode Rotor RPM

down..............................N Disabled

1 Disabled

2 Disabled

up ..................................N Disabled

1 1200 rpm

2 1500rpm

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No need for micro electrics
Sceadu Abuser Sceadu Abuser's icon.
 2008-12-18 15:30:51
Why buy a trex 250 or other stupid litle electric when you can fly a 90 in the living room smilie
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Movie time !!!!!
Diddler Diddler's icon.
 2008-12-17 16:38:02
smilie I found this on the tube
Question being is this for real or fake ???
please post your views on this (.idea.)

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Xfactor 2008 gets it right again
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2008-12-14 10:52:28
If you did not watch Xfactor's final 2008 last night, you missed a couple of stunning performances.
This one just shows, (in my opinion) that this sort of program does find real talent like Leona and now Alexandra and does get the right result most of the time.
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Redline 53 owners!
Stan Stan's icon.
 2008-12-13 14:43:00

After Speaking to Amerang (Thunder Tiger Distributor) on wednesday about my engine not tuning too well. I was made aware that some of the original Redline 53 Engines have on older carb on them which has now been improved.

So if you have an older carb, Amerang are offering a FREE return post service. So you can send back your older carb and recieve a brand spanking new one along with new gasket and bolts. Just send your old carb along with a note saying " F.A.O Service Department ,Please can i have the new version carb for my TT53" And also your return address.

Amerang Limited
Lancing Business Park, Commerce Way
Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8TA
United Kingdom

I sent mine in on wednesday and recieved the new carb yesterday (Friday)

Apparent problems with old Carb;

Difficult to tune
Needles leaking air
Middle needle set to only 15% fuel
Throttle barrels lock up after a while

Below you can see the difference between the two carbs. The old carbs do not have the groove around that nut, it will just look like one nut.

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Twister pantera
Grendal Grendal's icon.
 2008-12-12 23:02:54
Hi, anybody flying one of these. Anyone got any feedback?
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Is this video for real?
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2008-12-09 03:22:36
We guess it must be real but it seams a little incredible when you see just where this helicopter is flying and consider the permissions etc and pure logistics of what is going on here!.

In a couple of shots there are people in the back ground and we notice that no one is giving the helicopter even the slightest look. (as far as we can see).

But then it has to be real does it not and WOW is this impressive footage. Unique rc helicopter footage around the world.
check this link out and lets hear what you think??

Click to view the World heli tour Video
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