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Heli madness
Diddler Diddler's icon.
 2008-12-01 11:00:22

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Two csm 720 gyro's wanted
Stan Stan's icon.
 2008-11-25 22:16:06

As the title suggests i am after purchasing two csm 720 gyros.

So if anybody has one (Or Two) knocking around that they wish to make a quick buck with then Please do drop me a PM.

I am Planning on going flybarless with an Align 700N. Already Started work on the mechanics and i will be doing a step by step guide when complete.

Considering these machines are so cheap if it fails ill just convert it back and have spares smilie smilie smilie

Many Thanks

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Airbrushed canopies for t-rex 600-700n
Diddler Diddler's icon.
 2008-11-10 13:47:51
smilie for a while now ive been looking into purchasing a nice aftermarket canopy for my rex 600n after doing some research i found the price for a nice airbrushed canopy very expensive most websites sell the fusuno range that are inported from the states and the retail on these is around the 55 mark and some selling for as much as 116. way to expensive i think . but help is at hand just log onto blink helicopters web site and have a looksie at the airbrushed canopy page !!! there selling the fusuno canopies for 29.99 bloody bargain if you ask me . ive ordered one and the total cost incl delivery was 32 . the reason i wanted a fancy canopy is that the plastic one that comes with the 600n sport is way way to cheapo it feels like its made from old yogurt pots and the stickers peel off after a few flights .i know align make painted canopys but the range is limited even these cost 43 . so 29.99 for a fusuno one sounded good to me!!!!! heres the web address for blink helicopters

when i receive my canopy i will write a response . paint finish / fit ect . and post pics in my gallery . (.
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Wow ccpm setup made easy
Stan Stan's icon.
 2008-10-29 19:25:38

I know how hard it can be to setup ccpm when your new to this hobby, ive been doing it a couple of years now and still some times struggle getting everything perfect. But the hard bit is actually understanding what your trying to get level.

I have Just been setting up the ccpm on my Trex 700N. I bought a swashplate leveling tool that sits on the swash and has 3 points which touch the three on the swash. So when all three points are touching, the swash is perfectly level.

Even if you have a cyclock this can help too.

Maybe its just me but if your struggling or even want it just perfect. Try it!

I got mine from

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Wiring on 600n
DJB DJB's icon.
 2008-10-27 19:34:49
hi all bit of a query on a trex the wire that comes from the front two servo's whats the best way of keeping them the starter shaft

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Trex 250 specifications
Mattyboy Mattyboy's icon.
 2008-10-21 08:03:13
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Every club should do this
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2008-10-10 05:36:47
While updating links, We found this footage taken at one of the Leicester based clubs. L.M.A.C.

It;s a pretty good way to show off your site as a club for sure. Not sure about the machine used in this example though. Engine sounds a bit lean to us?? smilie

Check out the link though.

LMAC Site Video
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Fast lad on youtube
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2008-10-10 05:08:31
We were contacted by Chris of with the lastest details of his new heli store. We have updated our link section and include them below aswell.
Check out the video footage they created, placed on Youtube and embedded below.
This new retail store looks superb. Impressive layout, size and stock levels.

Unit 5, Wortley Court,
Fall Bank Industrial Estate
Dodworth, Barnsley
S75 3LS " target="_blank">Click_here
01226 281177
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Transfered question
Adminmain Adminmain's icon.
 2008-08-16 18:11:58
We have taken the liberty of copying bikerbaz78's post and placed it in The Hub, being our main central forum, because Ask the Panel can only be answered by certain members who might not frequent the site regularly. Hope that is ok with the poster?

bikerbaz78 Posted as follows..

Hi All,
Not had a RC Heli for years, last one was a Hirobo Shuttle 600... As it turned out not the best copter to start learning with!!!

Anyway...since then I have discovered Realflight G4 which seems quite good??? Just landed myself two second hand "never flown" T-Rex 450's. One is an SE V2 and the other an SA model.

The question... Does anyone have experience with these copters to know which model in Realflight G4 presents the most realistic physics?

The bottom line is I want to put the hours into the flight sim in desperate hope to have a good "feel" and understanding of how these two birds are going to fly once I get them out side...

I realise that im off to a bad start as neither of these two have been trimmed or set-up... I have a good understanding of the mechanics so tracking and CP set-up is no problems. However that doesnt mean to say im gona get it right first time.

At this stage ANY help or suggestions on the G4 OR any input or warnings with these two copters would be very much appreciated.

I live in Swansea, (maybe i should water proof these two?) there are no local clubs and the nearest model shop is 50 miles away in Cardiff! So local help is not an option....

Thanks in advance for your help...

Cheers guy's
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3d master blog
Mr_Bigchopper Mr_Bigchopper's icon.
 2008-07-21 23:59:09
Ey up boys and girls... Maybe we'll see you at 3DM this coming weekend, but if not, check out the on-line blog!


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