TrufliteCreated by Brian Clarkson and marketed by Bill Burdet, the Truflite offered the most realistic physics equations available.
Unfortunitly this simulator didn't move forward to the later digital graphics.
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Diddler Diddler's icon.
 2010-07-25 02:16:40
well i think this sim is the best of the lot'' it maybe from the mid 90's with background graphics best suited to the sinclair zx spectrum besides the poor quality backgrounds the sim flys pretty damm close to the real thing . ive tried the fancy pheonix & realflight ect but still end upgoing back to the old tru-flite yes it does make your eyes bleed from the inside out after an hour of use . This sim will not run on anything higher than windows xp best replace the wav sound file with your favourite songs ( must be wav format) as the engine noise is unbearable . Also use paintshop pro to change the heli designs to your own choice. best model to fly on this sim is the millenium 3d . top job simon in the testing and development of this product . i would be lost without it ... smilie
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