TSKTSK offered a range of very high quality model rc helicopters. Sadly they closed their production but no doubt there are many TSK helis still about being flown.
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Tsk acrostar
Alex Alex's icon.
 2008-02-07 19:17:34
i have purchased a vintage tsk acrostar to tinker with smilie all i need to really do is get a new boom and canopy then it is complete apart from radio gear, what i would like to ask is that a have found an old webra 75 p5 abc engine that i had come with an robbe futura se, this was a spare one so i never ran it, what i have found is that it is quite hard to turn the engine over when the piston hits top dead centre, is this normal because its an abc engine? also what fuel would you run in it? if i have no luck with it a will just buy a new engine, but you never no this one might be fine.

alex smilie
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