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Alex Alex's icon
 2008-02-07 19:17:34
i have purchased a vintage tsk acrostar to tinker with smilie all i need to really do is get a new boom and canopy then it is complete apart from radio gear, what i would like to ask is that a have found an old webra 75 p5 abc engine that i had come with an robbe futura se, this was a spare one so i never ran it, what i have found is that it is quite hard to turn the engine over when the piston hits top dead centre, is this normal because its an abc engine? also what fuel would you run in it? if i have no luck with it a will just buy a new engine, but you never no this one might be fine.

alex smilie
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Alvin Alvin's icon
 2008-02-07 20:01:38
alex this is normal for an abc engine to be hard to turn over,thats what you want.run it on low nitro fuel and see how you get on.I've got a gallon of 0% coolpower that i use for high compression engines.
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2008-02-07 20:20:59
I used to use Webra engines and one of the many types was the 75.
These are very tight at the top. So much so that a start sometimes won't turn them over unless the plug is removed.
When new, I would have to loosen the plug off to allow a bit of compression seapage. And if I remember right this took a heck of a lot of gallons before the tightness reased to a noticable degree.

They were however very powerful and if I also remember right, they fit where a 60 size engine does. It might be the case that the 75 is best ran at not much more than 15000 rpm, where as a 60 might be happier at a more brisk 16000 ish.
Maybe get the gear ratio and work out the engine speed from approx 1750 initial head speed. I would consider running the engine around 14000 ish for hovering around which might put the head speed to 15'000- 16'000.
Like me with my vintage machine, you won't want to be hammering this heli. You would probably want to run it softly and with respect?
Webra carbs have tended to be rather picky in their setup so be patient with it. Don't over do the nitro as these have a high compression and will tend to pre ignite on 20-30%.
Back when i ran them, most used 10% nitro. Bekra or Contest 10% from model techinics.
I would suggest you try magnum or wildcat 15 if not maybe cool power 15%.

I might also suggest you don't drop much lower than 10% as the engine setting would need to be a bit leaner to get a clean run, thus less fluid through to help cool the engine. You should be able to run a nice rich setting on 10 or 15% while still having a clean running engine with good throttle responce.

Si smilie

Alex Alex's icon
 2008-02-27 21:33:01
my tsk acrostar is 99% complete smilie hopefully it will fly soon

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Alex Alex's icon
 2008-02-28 06:32:42
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2008-02-29 07:50:35
Well that looks like a real sweet heli. I am a bit old fashioned still in that I like the more traditional style pod and boom canopy like this tsk.
I reckon in time when you have got it all setup and running sweet, that it might benefit from a smart paint job on that canopy. Something classy and smart rather than brash and in your face?
Just a thought.

Is it totally and utterly ready to start the engine and test hover?


Alex Alex's icon
 2008-02-29 17:29:59
hi there yes all set up and ready to go, just hope the engine runs or i will have to get another, but lets see first, smilie if the weather holds out i will try tomorrow before going flying on sunday

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Alex Alex's icon
 2008-03-01 15:47:54
well i fueled the tank up this afternoon with some 10% propower model technics fuel i had, and the old webra fired up nearly straight away, i could not believe it as the engine was a real mess till i boiled it in antifreeze to clean it smilie i only hovered it as there is not alot of room for a big heli and the wind was really blowing smilie but all seemed ok apart from that i need two new clips/clamps for the plastic coupler between the pipe and header pipe on the engine. smilie ,

does anyone know where i can get some from?

i just need a good day so i can set the engine up properly, but it was ok just for hovering around, i will check all the nuts and bolts tonight just incase

alex smilie
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2008-03-01 20:38:07

I have seen many a person use the bigger plastic cable tie jobbies around the joiner pipes.
As long as you give them a good pull and when the engine is warm, pull them a bit more, I am sure they don't melt or fail.

Other wise, it is off to Midland helis I would suggest as they will have the metal ones that you squeeze open with grips and slide over.


VRHC VRHC's icon
 2008-03-13 22:13:25
Well well, would you believe it !!!! I have only just found this site and the first heli I pick on is the one I have just picked up from Alex. Interesting comments and the first time I have seen a TSK myself (reason why I bought it for my collection). As the thread is already started I will have to update it once it is fully functional.

Joe smilie
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