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Vintage - anyone out there Thread.Vintage Helis on Model-Helicopters.ComWhat constitutes a Vintage Heli? Made many years ago of course. Perhaps the fact that spares production has long gone?
In many experienced pilots, there is an interest in finding those old Vintage helicopters that were the first ever owned.  Discuss, comment, rate and review all those Vintage heli thoughts here.
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VRHC VRHC's icon
 2008-03-14 22:24:37
Is there anyone on here into Vintage Heli's. I mean the real m'coy like Schluter Helibaby's, Kavan Jetrangers, Graupner Bell 212; you know, seventies and eighties stuff. I have a dozen from this era and obviously interested in finding other who may also have rare vintage items.

PS anybody know how to fly without a gyro these days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe smilie Vintage Radio Controlled Helicopters
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Electricsceadu Electricsceadu's icon
 2008-06-12 20:35:50
Hi Joe
I've got a morley bell 47
a graupner star ranger
and a baron 60 inside a bell 400 twin body (so far i only know of 2 of these bodies)

I've only tried to fly with no gyro once (after a gyro failure), I can do it but it's so much easier with one


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Ghostman Ghostman's icon
 2008-10-02 07:46:54
I┤m not surtain about the little 30 I have in the garage but a sticker says: Helicat
It┤s old... smilie
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Dcb429 Dcb429's icon
 2008-10-14 13:03:55
hi all
anybody out there got a schulter junior 50?had the thuing for years and am just updating to make it a bit more modern,elec gyro,os50 engine, youngblood pipe,new servos etc.
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Sbrown5925 Sbrown5925's icon
 2008-10-14 19:15:51
I had a Junior 50 many years ago. At the time it was the latest machine available.
I remember it still as a superb heli that I was very pleased with. The head speed had to ran rather fast and it tended to be a heavy machine for the rotor disk size.
I guess you might say the "disk loading" was up a bit, hence it flew better with a higher head speed.
Mine only lasted a few weeks. Reason was that I was learning rolls at the time, and when it went inverted it had a tendency to drop it's nose.
So I had worked out that I need to shove a bit up elevator as it past inverted. I suppose I was sticking this elevator input in a bit abruptly but it did work.

Problem came when a link sheared off at the threaded part and it dived nose down for the deck. Nothing could stop that dive and idle up and no time, ment it hit so hard it wrote the lot off.. Such a shame.
I was told afterwards that the threaded rods at the time that came with it, had their threads cut rather than rolled, thus making them weaker. A problem that was solved later with different rods, mainly Kalt items.

If I found a good example these days, in original format I would be very tempted to buy it for nostalgic reasons. I used a Webra 50 engine back then which ran beatifully.

Maybe upload some pics of your Junior 50 to this site as you do have your own gallery and we can all have a look see...

VRHC VRHC's icon
 2009-06-07 16:28:07
OK - to close this thread off I have started up the vrhc site Vintage Radio Controlled Helicopters. smilie
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